What Information You Need to Know for Your Hajj Journey

You who have already gone hajj will never refuse the invitation, that’s why the list of queues of pilgrims is getting longer each year. Before you leave for the holy land, it would be better to collect as much of the hajj information as possible. This will make you able to worship fervently. Not a few people who go Hajj without having sufficient supplies, this provision does not mean materially but in readiness, including physical and mental. Have you tried to go to http://www.hajjandumrah.com/umrah-packages?

For your information, every year, there’s always news saying that pilgrims get lost and can not go back to their dorms, why so? Yet in terms of age is not too old and not leaving alone. This is due to panic and confusion when running the worship, where if you leave the pilgrimage independently should be able to adjust oneself. Starting from the dormitory to the place of worship, even can find their own food.