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It’s An Internet Application That Can Ease Your Life

As one of the things that are always used in the present, the internet is a must-have for many people. In fact, in the village area, many people need the internet for their activities. Thus, the existence of internet desa is very important for those internet users in the village.

The existence of the internet is very helpful for all human activities. In fact, with this application your life more helpful.

This virtual assistant launched by Google is the latest innovation after Google Now and Google Voice Search. Google Assistant is claimed to respond well to conversations between users and Google and its search features more accurately so it is very useful to solve various problems in everyday life.
Some capabilities presented by Google Assistant, which can translate sentences, play music, find files, and read the news. You can try it while using the application or through Google Allo chat service. Only with “Ok Google”, it’s so much easier.