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The making process of the plastic

The process of plastics material processing many manifolds, but the work is not necessarily able to enter the type of plastic thermosetting or thermoplastic. So in principle, there is workmanship only for thermosetting, workmanship only for the type of thermoplastic and there’s also the one which can be used by both. Aside from that, you may need to check out the high-quality Chinese mold company as well.

The methods used to convert plastic materials in the form of pellets, granules, powders, sheets, liquids or performs formed into shapes or sections. Plastic materials may contain various additives that affect the properties and processability of plastics.

After forming, the part can be continued for various additional operations such as welding, bonding adhesives, machining, and decorating surfaces (painting, Metallizing).

Some workmanship processes for plastic materials are as follows:

Process work for Thermoplastics:

· Machinery Working

· Welding

· Gluing

· Rolling / Calendering

· Extrusion

· Injection

· Print blowing / Blowing

· Thermoforming/vacuum forming

· Work on plastic materials with fiber reinforcement.

· Rotate casting

· Expanding forming

· Spinning

· Blow the movie

Process work for Thermosetting:

· Hand lay up

· RIM (Reaction Injection Molding)

· Compression molding

· Transfer molding

· Spraying

· Casting


1. Machinery Working

In principle plastic workmanship with machining can be done with the usual metal/woodworking, only must make changes in cutting tools. The thing to note is the heat-sensitive plastic properties of the metal. Can do the cutting process a little with high cutting speed and low food.

Some workmanship including machining work,
· Scratch and cut
· Stingy
· Drill
· Saws
· Thread making
· Grinders and polishes
· Lathe
· Frais

2. Welding

In principle only thermoplastic that can be welded, and even then must be the same material, this is because each type of plastic has a different molecular weight.

The thermoplastic materials that can be worked with welds are:
· PVC-hard
· PVC – soft
· PC
· PP

Types of Welding

a. Welding with heat elements.

b. Welding with hot gas.

c. Las swiped. High-frequency welding.

e. Ultrasonic welding.

3. Gluing

Sizing is a modern connection system. By gluing the material to be joined does not need to melt as in welding, therefore the gluing is better in terms of some welding.

Gluing can be used to connect plastics that can not or is not good for welding. Example: acrylglass.