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There are Reasons Why You Should Not Use Case For Your Smartphone

Smartphones for goods that are needed by everyone must have good and proper care. One of them is using a smartphone case that suits the type of smartphone. If you plan to buy phone, then you should be able to know the ability of the smartphone.

Many smartphones are not able to use the case because it will adversely affect the smartphone. When some people say that the phone case can protect the smartphone. In fact, there are several reasons why the case is not good for your smartphone.

1. Make smartphone easy to heat
The use of cases on the smartphone can cause the air circulation in the smartphone to be disturbed. This is because the back of the smartphone is a heat dissipation covered by the case. This can be worsened if the case you use has no air circulation at the back.
Indeed, the case can be able to reduce the heat generated by a smartphone but not significant. In fact, the longer the smartphone you use is also getting hot because of the lack of air circulation.

2. Scrape the look of your smartphone body
Users case hard case type can make your body smartphone especially in the corner and edge peel. In addition, you also have to be careful if you want to remove the smartphone from the case so as not to make the corners of the body smartphone getting peeled off.
To solve this, you can use case type soft case on your smartphone. The case that soft can overcome the damage and blisters on the edge of the smartphone that could adversely affect the look of the smartphone.

3. Make your smartphone look very thick
Currently, most smartphone vendors are competing to create devices with a thickness that can be minimized. Of course, if you use a case, your smartphone will look thicker than not using it.
Smartphones that look thick because the case can reduce the value of its beauty. Of course, this is different in outdoor gadgets that although it has a thick body but still aesthetic because of its design that looks solid and frightening.