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Differences Between Condominiums and Apartments

In big cities, there are a lot of high-end property developers who are developing development such as hotels, shopping centers, and residential dwellings. Occupancy in question is vertical housing such as condominiums and apartments, this dwelling is a dwelling very much loved by the urban community. This is because the interest to live in vertical residential buildings in the office area is quite large. This is also supported by limited land to establish horizontal settlements or houses in urban areas and very expensive land assets. Would you like to have a condo? Visit our website to book and also see botanik residence floor plan.

Meanwhile, vertically constructed apartments require less land to make them more affordable. But unfortunately, there are still many who do not know what is the difference between apartment and condominium type of occupancy. Here are some of the differences:

– Understanding

The botanik residence floor plan is a building block which is divided into several rooms or units that are installed or built-in strata-tittle or rented. While the condo is a dwelling which is also similar to the apartment.

The condo itself comes from English. The word condominium is a combination of the word con and dominium. Which means is something related to a building owner or building rights.

Apartment refers more to the physical shape of the building you live in, whereas condominium refers to the ownership of the place you live in. From this understanding, of course, my friend can give an idea of the differences between the two dwellings

– Building Form

Although both vertical buildings, it turns out that apartments and botanik residence floor plan have different forms of buildings. For a condominium, the building is only equipped with two or three towers only, while for the apartment wake up with the towers. In addition, the condo is equipped with complete facilities, such as a large swimming pool, gym, or other luxurious facilities. And basically, condominium reserved for those upper circles, while the apartment can be for the middle to upper class.