Parts of sailboats that you may need to know

The sailboat can move against the wind. Whereas the wind should blow the ship so that it moves in the direction of the wind. So how can they fight the wind? It happens because the sailboats apply the Bernoulli Law. The application of the Bernoulli Law is used to calculate lift power on Airfoil. What is Airfoil? An airfoil is a form of an airplane wing/ship that can produce lift or aerodynamic effects when passing through an air flow. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about sailing, you can Learn to Sail on La Gomera.

The parts of the sailboat are as follows:

Hull: part of a sailboat that contains all the internal components.

Tiller: part of the Hull.

Rudder: the part attached to the tiller (water rudder).

Mainsail: a screen that captures most of the wind to push the sailboat.

Mast: the vertical side attached to the mainsail to secure the horizontal side of the boom.

Boom: parallel long deck pillar that is useful to make the best use of the wind.

Jib: a small triangular screen that adds extra strength to the Mainsail.

Keel: balancing the ship so as not to reverse.