Capturing Customers Database Through Social Media

A customer is the biggest asset in the business. The number of loyal customers we have, the better for the business. With the customer database and database marketing, will facilitate the promotion of a new product that we have to find new customers, this is because the old customers have been satisfied making it easier to promote new products to them, in addition to the cost incurred is not too expensive, so we can make cost savings on a new product promotion. Therefore it is important, not important in a customer database business is needed.

The customer database is a very dominant role, even the first requirement before customer management is done. With the database, we can do several things and this is one way to reduce the distance between the seller and the buyer.

To reduce the distance between the seller and the buyer, we can provide the latest information about the product being sold. Facilities that can be used to make it happen is email. The potential conversion value that can be obtained from any email can be said big.

Then what customer data we need? The two most minimal things we need to do include Name and Phone Number, so when we want to communicate with customers, we can call or just SMS, even if we have more complete customer data will be better, for example we have data are Sex, Address, Place, Date of Birth, No. Account and so on. Here are some explanations to be conveyed author, which is how to get a database from customers:

– Capturing Through Social Media
Social media is now the most widely used medium by internet users. How to get the database from social media? In the beginning, should build a good interaction first, then you share useful things and build ties with your fans or followers in social media. This is very possible because with the social media can facilitate us to interact directly with people who are interested in the things we offer or convey.

Once all that is done, then you can just get a database of social media by sharing something useful but with the condition provide a database for the delivery of the file. The system is similar to an email subscription.